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Bennu is the leader in green social media marketing. Our company was started in 2010 by a diverse group of social entrepreneurs who met while pursuing their MBA’s in New York City. Having previously worked on groundbreaking sustainability projects, the team was united by a common passion: using business to tackle social and environmental problems.

Bennu’s inspiration originated from the disturbing amount of waste – particularly plastic bottles – being sent to landfills as trash. With tens of billions of potentially useful bottles wasted each year, Bennu launched by developing recycled promotional products that prevent landfill dumping, save energy and serve practical consumer needs. At the same time, our goal was to educate people about the environmental, social and economic value of sustainability. Social media presented the ideal communication channel to engage a community who shared our values and beliefs.

From an idea that was sparked, refined and realized during business plan competitions, international travel, hands-on market research, and countless hours of meetings, Bennu was born. Bennu continues to evolve, expanding from promotional products to social media marketing services that help other companies respond to the green wave that’s rapidly changing the world. Our clients range from multinational corporations to startups who embrace business sustainability as a competitive advantage.

The name Bennu reflects the company’s purpose and vision. The Bennu bird is the Egyptian equivalent to the Greek Phoenix, which represents rebirth. The company Bennu exists to promote a greener new lifestyle for a society that has long taken for granted environmentally harmful ways.

We hope that our efforts encourage people to take more steps toward sustainability in their daily lives. Whether buying locally grown food, conserving natural resources, or recycling more, we believe that every act of sustainable living makes a positive impact.

Bennu’s story has just begun. We invite you to join us in making sustainability the standard for a new lifestyle.

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