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Sustainability = Competitive Advantage

Don’t fall behind. Stay ahead by embracing sustainability, which Harvard Business Review calls the “emerging megatrend” that “will touch every function, every business line, every employee.”

Bennu is the leader in green social media marketing. Our sustainability solutions increase enterprise value by aligning your business objectives with consumer demand and environmental resources.



Who? Our Team is:

  • Experienced – Award-winning sustainability veterans who worked on projects such as Newsweek’s “Green Rankings.”We are MBAs with advanced marketing, finance and technology skills.
  • Proven – Achieved measurable results for clients on the FORTUNE 500 list. We are featured in top business publications and earned high social media authority scores.
  • Authentic – Sustainable business practices are baked into our company DNA.  We developed a unique marketing methodology to deliver bottom-line results while benefiting society and the planet.

What? Our service suite includes:

  • Sustainability Strategy Consulting
  • Campaign Development
  • Social Media Management
  • Gamified Applications
  • Tactical Execution
  • Measurement & Tracking

To get started, contact us at (212) 561-7321 or