green my bag/shirt

Go green, be seen, win a prize and support
your favorite nonprofit!

The “Green My Bag” and “Green My Shirt” online community design contests are your chance to express your artistic side and promote a greener world.

Create a logo design that promotes going green and get your friends to vote for you online. The most popular design will be featured on the front of a limited edition Bennu Greenpack or Green T, which are both made from 100% recycled fabric. Every Greenpack keeps 20 16-oz bottles out of landfills and uses up to 70% less energy to make than material for conventional backpacks.  Every Green T recycles and keeps out of landfills 7 16-oz plastic bottles AND 1/3 pound of cotton scraps.

Everyone who submits a qualified design has their artwork showcased online with the chance to be voted as the winner. The winning designer receives a prize and 20% of sales from the winning design will be donated to a nonprofit organization chosen by the winning designer.

Bennu launched our first “Green My Bag” contest in spring 2011. After dozens of art submissions and hundreds of votes, the community selected a winner for the “Greenpacks for Great Kids” campaign.

Thanks to the success of the campaign, we’re planning “Green My Shirt” next! Stay tuned.

If you are a corporate sponsor interested in co-branding a contest bag or T-shirt, please contact Bennu at