greenpacks for great kids

greenpacks for great kids

As each school year begins, an unfortunate reality clouds the excitement. Thousands of children go to school without the tools they need for learning. Research shows that students who lack basic supplies are more at-risk for disconnecting from school and dropping out. Bennu is helping to tackle this problem by organizing the “Greenpacks for Great Kids” online backpack drive. By providing young people with eco-friendly Greenpacks, we help them achieve their educational potential and start greening their lifestyle.

We inaugurated the campaign in Fall 2010 by donating over $5,000 worth of bags to deserving young people in New York City. Bennu distributes the bags through a nonprofit partner, Entertainers 4 Education Alliance, which is a charity dedicated to empowering youth in low-income communities. New York City Mayor, Michael R. Bloomberg proclaimed October 26th
I WILL GRADUATE DAY in recognition of E4EA’s dropout prevention program and call to action. The campaign is supported by a wide range of celebrities, including superstar actor & recording artist Bow Wow, MTV media personality Sway Calloway and WNBA all-star Cappie Pondexter. To celebrate the campaign’s mission, every “Greenpacks for Great Kids” backpack is emblazoned with the “I WILL GRADUATE” logo.

We ask you to join us. Bennu is looking for people to support “Greenpacks for Great Kids” by sponsoring a bag that we’ll donate to a young person on your behalf. Simply click the Sponsor button to give a Greenpack to a great kid. Contact us at for more details. You can also arrange corporate sponsorship to donate co-branded backpacks to your favorite nonprofit for the 2011 back-to-school season.

Our success depends on you and we encourage you to spread the word. Bennu will report back on our Facebook page so you stay informed about the drive’s progress.

Bennu is based in NYC, which is home to the largest public school system in the world. Yet more than 50% of the public school students are eligible for free lunch – a sign of financial hardship. That’s why we decided NYC is the ideal headquarters for the “Greenpacks for Great Kids” campaign. By partnering with Bennu to make the drive a success, you can ensure that we expand to new cities and countries in the years ahead. Thank you for your support!