Inspiration Capital

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Social entrepreneurship heals one of the world’s most unfortunate – and common – ailments: hating work.  While too many people see their job as a necessary burden on the path to a paycheck, the social entrepreneur’s journey is a reward, in and of itself. Work is a vehicle to translate passion into action, and action into social change. There is no divide between personal values and professional aspirations because they are aligned in the social venture. Nevertheless, there will be times in every social entrepreneur’s life that make...

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Fun Before Green, Except … No Exceptions

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In many ways, last week’s Gamification Summit (G Summit) in San Francisco marked a turning point in the development of gamification. G Summit speakers and participants celebrated gamification’s integration into every business function, the increasing sophistication of gaming science and technology, and the scope and size of companies involved. It is no surprise that new research predicts that the gamification industry will grow to almost $3 billion by 2016. Moreover, esteemed digital media investor, Tim Chang of Mayfield Fund, suggested...

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Gamifying Sustainability: The Carrot Beats the Stick

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This post previews Bennu’s “Gamifying Sustainability” panel at Sustainable Brands ’12.

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Greening South By Southwest

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Greening South By Southwest

This photo blog recaps Bennu’s experience at South By Southwest 2012.

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Social Media Week: Food for the Mind, Body & Soul

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Bennu CEO, Ashok Kamal, recaps Social Media Week and the gamification theme.

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Green Gamification

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Games are like ketchup: widely loved and diversely applied, with an appeal rooted in childhood. In fact, a new report reveals that over 90% of U.S. kids aged 2- 17 are gaming today. Yet the gaming generation has been on the rise for three decades, leading to not only an army of young gamers, but also an influential adult segment. It is small wonder, then, that “gamification” is the most disruptive force to impact marketing since the arrival of social media. Typically defined, gamification refers to the use of game mechanics, such as...

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Greening Is A Team Sport!

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This article summarizes the nature and significance of Waste Management’s landmark investment in Recyclebank.

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Infographic: 10 Facts About Plastic Recycling

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The numbers speak for themselves. Plastic waste is a huge environmental problem but also presents a tremendous opportunity for social change and economic development. The choice is ours.

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Blue is the New Green

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 Did you know that 70% of the world’s oxygen comes from the ocean? Or that 97% of the biosphere is in the sea? The oceans also absorb much of our carbon dioxide and hold 97% of the earth’s water. Every single human being, plant and animal is literally dependent on the ocean for survival. Yet we treat our oceans like a bottomless liquid landfill. Recent events have elevated ocean abuse to a top of mind environmental crisis. The infamous Great Pacific Garbage Patch – composed of small but strong bits of plastic waste – is estimated to...

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Bennu’s Top 5 Tips for Greening Your Holidays

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The holidays are a time to celebrate, but here is a fact only worthy of regret: we toss much more waste during the holiday season than at any other point in the year. Specifically, Americans produce 25% more trash between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, amounting to 6 million extra tons of garbage! Regardless of your religious persuasion, wanton consumption is never considered virtuous. When we over-spend, over-eat and over-use, we are threatening the sustainability of the communities we love. Fortunately, greening your lifestyle is both fun...

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